Saturday, April 19, 2008

More taters

As I've touched on before, during the summer months there's a lot of need to create food for many. The meats are pretty straightforward, marinate and grill, not much too it. If we want to get creative, perhaps throw a piece of fish on there (I know, crazy). But the sides pose a bit more of a problem. People will eat a grilled steak or chicken thigh until the cows come home (where exactly were the cows supposed to be anyway...but I digress), but no one wants to eat the same veggie or baked potato every day. So I am ever on the lookout for new and interesting sides. So imagine my delight (cue mental image of muffin jumping up and down and clapping hands) when I came upon this recipe for a roasted potato and fennel dish. Easy to make and fancier than your standard roast potatoes.

Roasted Potatoes and Fennel

2 fennel (also known as anise) bulbs, sliced into strips
approx 2 1/2 lbs potatoes, quartered (bite-size pieces)
2-3 large white or yellow onions, sliced
kosher salt

Toss the fennel, potatoes and onions with olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper (to taste). Place on a baking sheet (or two for this much). Roast at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes, until the potatoes soften a bit but still hold their shape.


Papagayo said...

This is one of my favorite things you make. I like the crunchy salt on it. Kinda like the crunchy sugar at the bottom of my iced coffee. Yum, texture!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a request. Everytime I go to the farmers' market they always have a large quantity of great looking Jerusalem artichokes. Honestly, I really don't know what to do with them. Have any suggestions? doesn't have to be vegan, but adaptable to vegan... thanks, -david

Muffin said...

hmmm, artichokes are hard. Usually I just steam them and eat them with melted butter and garlic. I'll try and come up with something a bit different.

Interesting artichoke fact: there is no wine that goes with them. All wine tastes bad if you're eating chokes, you gotta stick with beer.